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18th August 2006

unique_thesame2:09pm: I hate doing this, but I'm at the point of walking out of my home and leaving everything behind if I don't find a way out ... so in order to have a way out, and to be able to keep my dragons with me and set up in a new home, so that I can continue to provide layouts and other graphics to everyone, I've put a donations button up in the userinfo of this account.

Donations will never be required, though I will ask for them if a layout is requested. I'm also opening this community up for custom layout requests.

All donations will be used to help me move and get settled somewhere away from here before I go absolutely crazy from being here.

29th June 2006

unique_thesame11:19am: Instructions for using S1 Layouts
So many people have asked me, so here you go ... instructions for using my layouts :)

instructionsCollapse )

If you have any problems or questions feel free to post them here, and I'll help you as well as I'm able.

19th June 2006

unique_thesame11:11am: Please take a moment to read this, and if you agree, sign it. Do we really want lj becoming what they're planning?

28th April 2006

unique_thesame1:42pm: Layout Testing and storage
This journal is mostly just for testing layouts before I post them for people to use. I'm also storing all of the layouts I create, and the codes to them, here. All of the layout posts are friends only to prevent theft of the layouts. I work hard to make these for people to enjoy, and I don't want people stealing my work.

If you'd like to have access to all of the layouts I've created, and all that I will create in the future, feel free to request membership by clicking join from the userinfo. This journal is moderated, meaning that I must approve you before you can see the posts. If I know you, I'll approve you without question. If I don't know you, or I've only just met you, please comment here and tell me where you've seen my work and why you'd like to join. Thanks!

You'll also find my layouts posted in pandorahs_box, novice_graphics, freelayouts, glitter_madness and graphic_dragons. Sometimes they'll also be in glitter_madness. Feel free to join any or all of these great communities too.
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