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Instructions for using S1 Layouts

So many people have asked me, so here you go ... instructions for using my layouts :)

1. First you need to make sure you've got a website listed in your user info. Go here and put any website address where it says Webpage URL. Even your own journal URL will work.

2. Go here.
Click the "Basics" tab and make sure that S1 is checked. If you change it to S1 from S2, be sure you click "save changes">

3. Click the "Look and Feel" tab. Under the "Layout" section, make sure all menus are set to the style indicated in the layout you're using. My older ones are "generator" and my newer ones are "clean and simple". Clear anything that's in the "theme" area, so that all the colors are blank. Click "save changes".

4. Click the "custom options" tab. Paste the provided layout code into the box labeled "overides". Make any changes to the coding that you need (add your communities, links, "about me" stuff, etc). If you're using one of my generator style layouts you'll need to find the word USERNAME in the code (it's there 8 times) and change that to your own username. Click "save changes".

5. If you're familiar with modifying your journal using the old system, you can still find it here.

If you have any problems or questions feel free to post them here, and I'll help you as well as I'm able.
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hey cathy,
i was thinking about using this butterfly layout but i have a couple questions....
1. can the font be changed on it
2. what are the other colors you did it in besides blue and pink?

thx, coco
Yep you can change the font if you want to... you'll find all the colors here.
Um hon i am using your stormy eyes layout but the header doers not looks right can you tell what is wrong?
You've got a graphic on the page that's wider than the header settings. If you look through the code and find the part that looks exactly like this:

and change the 600px to 800px it should work great for you :)
Ok fixed thanks a bunch hon

Deleted comment

It's the navbar hun... it moves everything down the page. If you remove it from manage, info, settings everything should line up the way it's supposed to. Make sure you've got a website listed :)

Deleted comment

Go here and you'll see
Navigation strip display options:
Always see the navigation strip when you view any journal or community
Always show the navigation strip to anyone who views your journal or community

Just make sure both of those boxes are not checked, and click save at the bottom of the page.

Deleted comment

You're very welcome. I'm glad you like the layout :)
If you want to see the rest of my layouts feel free to request membership here. There's a lot I haven't posted in other communities, and I've posted only a few in the one you got the purple fairy from.
I was curious to see the Blue Butterfly Layout Animated, but the view of it isn't showing up at this post: