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cats_layouts's Journal

Layouts by Cathy
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Do you like my layouts and other graphics? If so, make a donation to help me move to a new home, so that I can continue to provide them for you. Donations are absolutely not required, but would be very, very appreciated!

cats_layouts is now open for custom layout requests. If you have a picture or graphic you'd like a layout made with, feel free to post. I'll do my best to please everyone. I will ask for a small donation for custom layouts ... but the amount will be left to the person requesting. I don't like charging for my work, but due to life circumstances, I really have no choice.

Click "join the community" at the top of this page to see the layouts. Codes are always provided, and you're not required to host on your own server unless I say so in the layout entry. This may change in time, but for now you can simply copy and paste the codes without worrying about moving the graphics.

Rules are simple. Comment if you take a layout and always leave credit intact or add credit to your userinfo if not already in the layout. Follow those rules and you'll always have access to the layouts in this community. Any member found to be using a layout from here without proper credit will be immediately banned without warning. Do not steal!

Instructions for S1 layouts can be found here.